Friday, 12 August 2016

Episode 6: Wip Sharing

Firstly the Stash enhancement was Stress Knits by Stacey Elstone, colour Unaware.
you can find her shop on Etsy

My Labyrinth shawl is knitted using my Labyrinth Colourway on Basic Goth
Ok so onto other projects I showed this episode:
Sheepy Socks will be published on Wednesday 30th August
Crystallines using Opal sock yarn and Countess Ablaze
Hermiones every day socks, Hermione yarn by GnomeAcres
Ook using Gynx Yarns in Heartbreaker on Etsy
Luella Dress using Mothy and The Squid Distant Galaxies on Etsy
Gothic Lace Cowl using Adriafil Carezza in Black
Basket Weave Fingerless Gloves For Keira and Kim both using fivemoons in Ithil and Artemis bases
Emo Cat Hat will be published on Wednesday 14th September using GothHeart Creations colour is Maddie Sunset 4
Karen Top will be published in February 2017
Danse Macabre using Fingering weight yarn I was given as a present.
Chasing Rainbows using Mint Julep from Bits & Hobs Yarns & Fibres on Etsy
Vivian Cardigan Using Rico Design Creative Melange Glitz Chunky
Evenstar Shawl Using some local Alpaca Lace yarn
the beekeeper's quiltusing fingering scraps
Elly Squares is my version of a centre out square, I will release My version on October 12th using fingering scraps
Granny squares using fingering scraps
Across The Pond Shawl using GothHeart Creations in Subtle Calm and Evening Rose
Determination, three different yarn weights: fingering, Dk & Worsted
Arc-en-Ciel Pullover using Noro Taiyo Sock
Baby Cardigan by Noro using Fivemoons
We three Kings shawl using Basic Goth in the We Three Kings colourway, pattern will be released on 28th September
Dew Drops Shawl using pink merino silk blend
Moomin Amigurumi, I used cream sock yarn.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks show

Monday, 4 April 2016



Elly - Voodoo


Dave - Tube Socks in Opal Cotton Premium

Luella Dress
Hermiones Everyday Sock
Vanilla Socks
OOK socks
Arc en Ciel

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Episode 55 - Knattering

With added Knatters Knits!!!!!!

FOs -

Elly - Voodoo

Dave - Zig Zag Socks


Dave - Tube Socks in Opal Cotton Premium

Luella Dress
Sophie Jumper
Hermiones Everyday Sock
Vanilla Socks
OOK socks
Arc en Ciel

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Episode 54 - Perfection is....

FOs - None

WIPs - Elly

Arc En Ciel
Willow Lane Sweater

Spinning - Gourmet Stash


Mothy and The Squid - Distant Galaxies

GreenLambkin package
Peggymay Package
Spinska Package

Friday, 4 March 2016

EPISODE 53 - Birthday Eve Eve Eve



Elly Ginny's Cardigan

POs - "Elly square" and 3 Hexipuffs in Gothheart Creations Mini Skeins


Arc En Ciel
Vanilla Socks


Bakewell Hearts " CELESTIA"

Breeding - Subtitles didn't take sadly....

Minis from

Margaret - Brownowl
Natalie - KnattersKnits

Mothy and The Squid


Inside Number 23

Grocery Girls

The Knitting Broomstick

Legacy Knits

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Sunday 6th March 2016
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Sunday, 28 February 2016

EPISODE 52 - "Mini" Breeding Frenzy


Dave - Baable.


Dave Zig Zag Socks

Noro Jumper (Arc en Ciel)
Vanilla Socks

Big Shout outs to

Sarah Lilangel_sg2
Jennie Owlaboutyarn
Diane Diane0655

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6th March 2016 @ 9pm UK time!